About Rachel

Hi there! I’m Rachel of Reality According to Rachel.

I’ll turn 25 in November, but started having my quarter life crisis when I was 22. A month away from my college graduation, and a week away from my first marathon, I quit my full time job. I finished my degree in English with a minor in Religious Studies and I’ve spent the past nearly 3 years doing a lot of soul searching.

Everyone has had opinions about what I was “supposed” to be doing—getting a full-time job, moving out on my own, having a significant other that would probably lead to a marriage—just the standard things someone who’s in their mid-20s should be thinking about. Instead of listening to everyone else, I waited tables because it made me happy and I moved to Florida and worked at Walt Disney World for a year.

This blog is less about defying expectations and more about listening to your heart and doing what makes you happy. Everyone around me expected me to have my life together once I graduated from college, when in fact, my life was the furthest from together that it had ever been. I want you as the reader to be able to laugh, cry, and learn with me as I journey through life in my 20s.

Perhaps this blog will be inspirational for you if you feel like you’re in the same boat as me, or maybe you’re a parent and can learn a little from the inner dialogue that I’m writing aloud. Or maybe you’re in your late-teens about to enter into this stage of life and you’re starting to hear the same things I was—hopefully you’ll come to understand that this life is yours and to not let other douse your happiness.

Whoever you are, wherever you come from, welcome. Welcome to Reality According to Rachel, a transparent look at life in you 20s when you’re supposed to have your life together, when in reality you’re the furthest from together you’ve ever been.

In my own world,