15 Ways to Celebrate National Women’s Friendship Month

This one’s for the ladies (sorry guys), but September is International Women’s Friendship month a brainchild of Kappa Delta Sorority. What began in 1999 as just a day celebration has now blossomed into an entire month worth of celebrating the power of female friendships. I’m here to give you a few of my thoughts on ways to celebrate, and a shout out or two to the women friendships that mean most in my life!

Ways to Celebrate the Women in Your Life

Get together for a girl’s night with your favorite beverages and snacks

Cheese tray with fruits and crackers
The cheese tray, a staple in our girl’s nights!

When my girls and I get together, we almost always have a cheese tray and White Claw as our food and beverages of choice. I’d bet money on the fact that you and your girls have your go-to’s as well. Break out the tried and true beverages and snacks for a nice relaxing girl’s night!

Have a spa night complete with DIY facials, mani/pedis, and the like

Anyone a fan of those Korean paper face masks? My girls and I had spa night at our friend Erin’s bachelorette weekend and those masks were a huge hit! Your spa night doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it will definitely be good for your skin and your soul too!

Reach out to a friend you may have lost contact with over the years

I tend to be the worst about keeping in touch with people whom I don’t see on a regular basis. Despite all the technology I still let friends fall to the wayside and that’s just terrible! Take this time to reconnect with someone you haven’t heard from in a while. I already know who I’m reaching out to…

Have dinner with your #girlsquad

Women Completing a Dinner party table setting
Dinner party anyone?

Notice a pattern with me and food? My girls and I love good food (and drinks). Dinner at home or out can be a great way to reconnect with your girls and get some good grub too!

Start a book club and read some awesome girl boss books to inspire you

This would probably only work if you have girls who like to read, but there are some awesome inspirational books out there right now for women. From workplace advice to life advice and even just plain funny stuff, grab a good book and getting talking with your gals about them! Check out my Pintrest board for some inspiration on what books to start with.

Have a serious conversation about mental health and how you can help each other

Main Street Magic Kingdom
We Disney together and we also talk a lot about mental health and how we can support each other!

We all know that the silence surrounding mental health is hurting us big time. I’m fortunate to have a group of girls who are very vocal about their mental health. We frequently have conversations with each other about the difficulties we are facing and not just in a complaining, “woe is me” way. This transparency that we have helps us to help each other. I’ll admit that this may be very hard for some people, and it may not be for your group of girls, but I encourage you to try to begin that conversation because your girls can help so much to be advocates for you.

Attend a wine and paint night to bring out your inner Picasso

Who doesn’t love wine and painting? If you haven’t been to one of these nights yet, check Groupon, grab your girls, and get ready for a great night of fun and creativity!

Volunteer your time at a women’s shelter or soup kitchen

Volunteering your time to help other women is a great way to celebrate all women, not just those who are your friends. Check into women’s shelters or organizations that specifically serve women in your community and see how you can get involved!

Start making plans for your next girl’s trip

I just got back from an awesome beach bachelorette weekend with my girls and it just made me realize how many other awesome places I want to travel with them! So get planning for your next adventure with your squad, wherever that may take you!

Send a hand written card to your best friend to tell her how much she means to you

Girl writing note in notebook
Get writing, a note to your best friend, that is!

In the age of technology, I think we so easily forget the importance of hand written notes. Head on over to your local Trader Joe’s for the best selection of inexpensive cards and get writing to your best friend about how much she means to you!

Get involved with local organizations benefiting girls such as Girls on the Run

I truly think we have such a responsibilty to the younger generation to help encourage them to be the best versions of themselves. We are so bombarded today by media telling who we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to look like, that younger girls need genuine role models to help them become healthy and happy in their own skin. Organizations like Girls on the Run and Big Brothers Big Sisters are two great places to start. And make sure you see what other organizations could be in your area too!

Create a Spotify playlist of songs that remind you of memories with your best friends and share it with them

I’m sure there are songs that when you hear them on the radio, you go back to a specific moment with your girls. I’ve got probably 10 I can think of off the top of my head. So why not compile them all together in the ultimate girl squad playlist?!

Create a “friendship book” with images and stories of your friends—Snapfish and other great online options can help you make this into a legit book

Rachel laughing and Hannah crying as they both couldn't believe Hannah was getting married.
This image would definitely go in my book for my best friend, Hannah!

I LOVE making books on Snapfish with pictures from trips I’ve been on. Take it to the next level and put some quality pictures of your friends, and some great stories too, into a book that both of you can have a copy of!

Binge watch chick-flicks

Who doesn’t love a movie night with all the chick-flicks? Have everyone bring their favorite and have a movie marathon!

Do something you’ve always talked about doing but never gotten around to it!

I love to talk about things I want to do in the future with my girls. But why wait for tomorrow when you can do them today? Get a little spontaneous with your girls and do something you’ve always wanted to do today!

15 Ways to Celebrate National Women's Friendship Month
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However you decide to celebrate, I hope you let those women in your life know just how much they mean to you! We are women, we are powerful, and we must always remember to build each other up!

In my own world,

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  1. Amy Colgan-Niemeyer

    September 20, 2017 at 8:09 pm

    Nice! I wish I had known about this earlier in the month! Great ideas. Reach out to a friend, book club, volunteer, send a hand-written note….on and on. Great stuff! I’m a friendship coach, so I really appreciate this month celebration of friendship and this post. Take care.

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