The Scarf for Every Season: Friday Favorites

I live for a scarf. For me, there is no accessory more comfortable or versatile than a good scarf. I recognize I am writing this post in summertime, and who wants to wear a scarf in the summer heat? But I believe the scarf is for all seasons and here’s how I like to style them on this episode of Friday Favorites.


I’m spending six weeks of my summer in India during the monsoon season. You’d think a scarf would be the last thing I’d want around my next in the 80-90 degree heat and rain. However, scarves have proved to be one of the most essential items I packed for this trip.

Monsoon season means the weather can go from 85 degrees with 95% humidity to dropping 10-15 degrees with a breeze after the torrential rains come through. Having a light scarf with me means I have a nice little extra layer when it gets chilly after the rains roll through. There are also more mosquitoes in India than I knew existed and when I’ve forgotten my bug spray at home, I’ve been able to use my scarf to help deter the bugs.


Standing on a bridge, Rachel wears a black & white scarf and green top in the summer in India.
Wearing a scarf even in summer can keep outfits more conservative during travel

A handful of the places I have been have also been a bit more traditional and conservative than the city of Mumbai. No cleavage and no shoulders showing are two things that at most temples and rural areas you have to be aware of in India. So my scarf then acts as a wonderful cover up to detract from any unwanted attention. The use of the scarf also helps to adhere to the cultural norms too!



The crispness in the air but still the bright vibrant sunshine that characterizes early fall is one of my favorite times to use a scarf. The weather is many times not cold enough to warrant long sleeves or a sweater, but a scarf offers a nice alternative to stay just warm enough. I love to pair a darker, richer colored scarf with a light denim shirt, leggings, and boots for a relaxed look for apple picking in the fall!

Rachel wearing jeans, a white puffy vest, and dark green scarf during the fall with her friends.
Styling a scarf with a puffy vest is one of my favorite fall options!

Fall is also a great time to break out one of my favorite scarves—the blanket scarf. Paired with a neutral colored, long sleeved dress, and boots or booties, the blanket scarf is a staple of my fall wardrobe. Who also doesn’t love the idea of a scarf you can curl up in if you get a little too chilly. Hello blanket scarf.

Using heavier weight, richer hued scarves helps to transition your wardrobe into the cooler months.


I’ll be the first one to say that I honestly hate the bone chilling cold that comes with wintertime. However, my outfits are on point in winter because I live for layers and the chunky scarf. Big pashmina and hand-knitted chunky scarves add pops of color to my wardrobe and otherwise drab color of winter.

Close up of Rachel wearing a pashmina scarf
Rich colors in this scarf make it ideal for winter!

Layering is essential in wintertime. There is nothing worse than getting from the house to the car to a store for shopping and be dealing with a big bulky jacket. I love to use the scarf in my winter layering because it helps to keep me warm outside, but is so much easier to take off and store if I’m inside instead of a bulk jacket!

When it is too cold, I love the look of my army green, thigh length jacket, dark brown boots that hit just below the knee, and a nice chunky scarf to keep me warm, yet fashionable!


Just like fall, spring wardrobe is super transitional and the scarf plays an important role here too! I like to start introducing my lighter weight, brightly colored scarves again here in spring as the weather starts to get warmer!

Rachel wearing a floral infinity scarf and black & white striped dress in Magic Kingdom.
Add pops of color to your spring wardrobe with a printed scarf

I love to pattern mix with my scarves, like the photo above. Florals with stripes are a classic and easy look to pull off in the spring time! One of my go-to scarves in my closet is a nice leopard print which I like to pair with shirts with colored stripes. My number one rule with pattern mixing is make sure one of your elements has a more neutral color to it!

No matter the season, there’s always a reason to include a scarf in your outfit. The versatility and array of colors and fabrics makes the scarf my Friday Favorites accessory!

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