Friday Favorites: Lush Edition

*Please note. The opinions stated in this piece are just that, my personal opinions. I am not affiliated with Lush, nor am I receiving any compensation from them for this piece.*

Friday Favorites is what I’m calling this. Every few Fridays I’ll highlight a few of my current favorites—beauty, books, food, anything! What better way to start off Friday Favorites than with a few of my favorite products from Lush.

I was introduced to Lush a few years ago by one of my best friends, Mary Beth. For those of you who are somehow behind the times and aren’t on board with this wonderful company, Lush makes handmade cosmetic products using fresh fruits, veggies, essential oils, and safe synthetics. All of Lush’s products have a little sticker on them that tells you who made your product on what date and when that product is probably past its prime. They have everything from bath bombs to shave cream to hair and skin care and literally everything in between!

My struggle has always been with the after effects of picking with my face. I’ve never had a major problem with acne breakouts, only a few ones here and there, mostly hormonal. But even if I thought a spot would emit some sort of puss, I’d try and pop it…and let’s be honest, I still do. For years I’ve been trying to break this bad habit, and watching the transformation my skin has been undergoing using Lush products has actually been helping a lot!

The Go-To Products

Now here’s what you really want: some of my top Lush products to use! My number one is really a combination that Mary Beth got me started with Lush on—Ocean Salt and Mask of Magnaminty. Ocean Salt lifts my mood anytime I use it. A mixture of literal sea salts, coconut oil, avocado butter, and lime (with limes extracted in vodka), Ocean Salt exfoliates away all the dead skin and brightens and tones my weary face. I use Ocean Salt as a scrub before using Mask of Magnaminty, just whenever my skin is feeling dull, and I even use it before shaving sometimes when I want a nice close shave! The uses are endless, but Ocean Salt is a must have in any Lushies arsenal.

Lush’s Ocean Salt—all the benefits of the ocean, without the sand!

I mentioned using Ocean Salt before Mask of Magnaminty, a face and body mask. I love Mask of Magnaminty because of the tingly clean feeling I get after rinsing it off. Kaolin clay and peppermint oil clean out pores, while ground aduki beans exfoliate, and honey soothes the skin. This is my go-to face mask when it comes to Lush. I honestly try to use the Ocean Salt and Mask of Magnaminty combination about twice a week, three times if my skin is really out of whack, because that’s just how much I feel these two products do for my skin. Brighter, softer, and cleaner.

Newest and Most Favorite

Recently, I started exploring cleansers and moisturizers with Lush. I will be the first one to tell you that I am not a girly girly when it comes to makeup and skincare. I don’t paint on a face every morning; I like my freckles too much for that. But I tend to use eyeliner and mascara. Even though I don’t use a whole lot of product on my face, the importance of a great cleanser can’t be overstated because this world is gross and it all gets on your face. One of my favorite parts of Lush is they are more than happy to give you samples of products to try before purchasing, and that’s how I ended up with my next favorite Lush products—Herbalism, Breath of Fresh air, and Celestial.

Herbalism is the second cleanser I’ve tried from Lush. I personally love this one because of the squeaky clean feeling I get after using it (are you sensing a trend here?). Anyways, Herbalism uses a cleansing base of kaolin clay and rice bran and then a blend of rosemary, nettle, and chamomile to tone and give me that squeaky clean feeling I live for. It’s branded as working for oily and troubled skin, and I suppose my skin falls under troubled because it certainly isn’t oily! Herbalism is a more gentle exfoliator than Ocean Salt, but for daily use it is wonderful to help maintain clear skin.

Breath of Fresh Air is a nice toner water with aloe and sea water. It’s actually awesome if you stick it in the fridge for your sunburnt face! So refreshing and the aloe helps you to heal too. I bought a giant one of Breath of Fresh Air so i’m trying to work my way through it right now. I’m honestly interested in changing to Tea Tree Water only because I think the tea tree oil will help control some of the breakouts I’m still having…

Now, I live for Celestial. This moisturizer has cocoa butter (without that overwhelming smell), vanilla water, almond milk, and fresh dove orchid. My skin always feels super hydrated after I use this product. And the best part is that a little goes such a long way. When I first bought Celestial I gasped at the price for the size of container, but it seriously lasts forever, so don’t let it fool you!

I’m constantly trying new Lush products and expanding my repertoire. It helps that they have wonderful, pretty knowledgeable people in the stores and great smelling products too! If you have a favorite Lush product I should try, drop it in the comments! I’m always looking for new suggestions.

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