10 Things About Me

If you’re reading this, thanks! Thank you for being interested in the life, ramblings, and reality according to me, Rachel.

When I was planning content, I wanted my first post to be a way for my readers to get a little baseline knowledge about me. I plan to share a lot about my life and the things I’m learning as I muddle my way through being in my mid-20s and a college graduate, but I want to give you a little picture of me now.

Major things that make my heart flutter include the smell of a newly opened book, the sight of my pen moving across the page of my Moleskin as I write, and unique coffee mugs from my travels filled with tea and coffee. I spent my four years of college studying English and religion, so most of my days were spent reading anything and everything I could get my hands on. My heart still races when I walk into a bookstore, especially if it’s used bookstore like Chop Suey in Richmond, VA. Believe it or not, this blog post started out written in my Moleskin notebook. I keep one on my person at all times for whatever moment strikes me as one to remember. And honestly, I cannot recall when I started collecting coffee mugs. It was something that just happened and I’m almost embarrassed at the number of mugs I own. But each one tells a story or reminds me of a memory.

The mermaid hair in action at the Grand Canyon.

Things you will never see me with include hair shorter than my shoulders. When I was in elementary school, I with a very good heart, donated like 12 inches of hair to Locks of Love which meant that my hair got cut really, really short. In fact, I had what I now call my mushroom haircut. I ended up being bullied pretty severely in regards to my hair. Ever since I’ve had pretty long hair. Right now I think I’m approaching my longest ever. My sister even called it mermaid hair the other day. Best. Compliment. Ever.


This is just a taste of my family!

Speaking of family, we jokingly say that my family is a “functional dysfunctional” group. My parents divorced when I was young. Both are now remarried and I have a biological brother, two stepsiblings, two siblings-in-law, 3 nephews, 1 niece, and a whole slew of aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Family holidays are super overwhelming for me since my family is so big and I am so an introvert. As a kid I actually remember running to my room crying on many occasions because I just couldn’t handle them all.

Within the past 2 months, I have moved back into my childhood home after living on my own for 4 years. Instead of the 10 minute drive to my best friend’s house, all my girls live 45 minutes away, or 10 hours away. Not to mention some of my people who live on the other side of the globe. Needless to say moving home has been a struggle, especially after so many years of independence away from the home.

Real life footage of my running my first marathon!

A few of my favorite foods include goat cheese, baked brie, popcorn with an obscene amount of butter, and basically anything chocolate or chocolate covered. So needless to say, I *think* I live a healthy lifestyle, but I’m pretty far from that. I do like to run, although I tend to only do it when I have a race on my calendar. And I wish I could do yoga all the time because I love it, but I am too financially unstable to commit to a studio…

I believe in the importance of volunteerism and making a difference in the communities we live in. One of my most memorable experiences was taking a Zen Buddhism class in college that met inside the local jail. My cohorts were 30 residents of the jail and 10 other kids from my college. I also think my desire to make a difference is definitely guiding my hopeful career path of being a school librarian.

That’s a pretty rapid fire, Rachel in a nutshell version of an introduction. My desire in this blog is to give you my take on the happenings in my life and this world through the lens of a 20-something year old. Pretty regularly I feel as though the world wants to me have my life together because I’m a college graduate, when in fact I am the furthest thing from “together.” I want to make it clear to people who expect me to be “together” and those who are in a similar state in life as me, that it’s okay to not be together. It’s okay to be muddling through this life and we can do it together. Hopefully I’ll teach you some cool stuff and you’ll learn about my bizarre life, and together we’ll figure out what reality looks like, according to Rachel.

In my own world,

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